Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Chase Bank SUCKS

Chase Bank SUCKS!!!
Just a warning you guys. Chase Bank has screwed me one to many times. There is a reason why they give you money to open an account with them that is the only way they get customers. They ruined my Christmas and the rest of my year.
They will put a hold on your paychecks with out telling you. I some what understood the first time they did it to Vaughn's check they did it again to us and we've cashed thousands of his checks there. They said that maybe his work changed account numbers but they havent. So now we cant get any money till the hold is up and they charged us even though its not our fault that there's a hold on it. they charged us $128 WTF?????? So now i cant get grocery's and we cant go to Arizona this weekend either.

Please Pass this on!!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Our First Blog

Well my sister got me started on this blogging thing. I like her page so I thought I'd make mine. Vaughn and I were married July 15th 2006 in Manti, UT. I cant believe its be almost a year and a half. We are living in Midvale, UT in a cute apartment. I love our apartment. In September my father came to live with us from Wisconsin. Vaughn drives for Calply delivering sheet rock for construction sites. I'm currently looking for a job. I much rather just be a mommy though. We have no kids of our own yet. But I have 2 kids that I gave up for adoption. Anyways heres my first blog. Now i have to go figure out how to use this thing.