Saturday, January 8, 2011

Holidays 2010 and a NEW YEAR 2011!

Now that I have a few moments to breath I will update my blog!
December was a very busy month for us. Many Holiday parties to attend and many many houses for me to clean.
Vaughn and I decided to start a new tradition of see the "Forgotten Carols" every Christmas. I've seen it once before and heard the story and music many many times before. This was Vaughn's first time seeing or hearing the story. After the show he told me he now knows why I wanted to go so bad. The 3 of us all went to the Peppin Family Christmas party at my grandparents house in Spanish Fork UT. We enjoyed the food and spending time with that side of the family. The following day was the Kelson family Christmas party. Every time that side of the family gets together it amazes me how many there are. And many were missing!
Our Christmas Eve was eventful in a bad way. At the beginning of the day silly me left my hair straightener at the edge of the sink. Layla reached up and grabbed that very hot straightener and screamed. We took her to the emergency room and she had 2nd degree burns on 3 of her fingers. Her poor little hand looked awful. We were given this stuff to put on it and had it bandaged. I felt awful. Once Layla was all bandaged up she felt a lot better. When we got home after hours at the ER I decided I still wanted to make my traditional treats that we usually deliver to our friends and family. Well I finished making them but we did not deliver them that night. Too tired! We did however manage to grill some steaks outside Brrr! It was so yummy! When Layla went to bed Santa got to work wrapping presents and stuffing stockings. We were so blessed this Christmas. So many people gave me things their kids no longer needed even some things brand new items. So Layla got lots! We had a wonderful Christmas morning. Watching Layla's face as we led her into the living room was priceless. The sad part was watching her open her presents with one hand because of her bandage. But she made do and loved all her gifts. My father and sister, Elise came over for breakfast. We relaxed for most the day. Then in the afternoon we headed over to Vaughn's parents for a Christmas dinner. It was a wonderful day!

For New Years this year we just really wanted to spend time together as a family. So we stayed home and watched movies. It was great.
We feel so much hope for this coming year! It's a great feeling to have. Vaughn has his dream job, I have a growing business and we have a beautiful healthy daughter. We want to thank all our friends and family that helped us through this trying year. We mad it through! We hope that your New Year is filled with hope as well.