Friday, May 14, 2010

Falling Behind!

Wow the days are going too fast! I've gotten a little bit behind. Layla turned 10months old on May 7th. She has finally started crawling and loves doing it! Shes still quite the talker and is now saying real words and seems to know what they mean. She says, Hi, all done, Daddy, and Turtle. She loves to mimic everything we say. She pulls her self up to standing and loves to have us help her walk or tip toe is more like it, around the house. She adores being outside and any time the front door is opened she crawls as fast as possible to get out. We cant wait to take her camping and to see how she reacts!

Mother's day was pretty good. Even though some how daddy got way more sleep then mommy I guess i get to sleep in on Father's day right? I got chocolate and flowers. We went over to Vaughn's parents house and had dinner. We also got to talk to his brother who is on a mission for the LDS church in Wisconsin.

May 11th was my birth son Kendrick's birthday. He turned 9. it's always an emotional day remembering back. If you have not yet heard the story just go back to last may's post and I wrote his birth story. It made it a little bit easier this year to be able to hold Layla close whenever I was sad.

Vaughn is doing well at his new job as a programmer. It's been so nice to see him progress. He tries to tell me about his day and I sit there with a blank stare and think huh? even though I say oh ok right. like I know what the heck he is talking about.

I have lost 32 pounds so far. I am not as far as I had hoped I would be this time of year but I'm getting there. I was very excited to finally hit my pre pregnancy weight and now have 50 more pounds to go to get to pre marriage weight. Both my jobs have been helping with that. I am still teaching water aerobics but I have also started up my own house cleaning business. Its been going very well. I clean 1-2 houses a week on average. One week I even cleaned 4. Its exhausting but its very nice to have the extra money.

Well those are the main happenings the first half of May. We are looking forward to this summer. So many fun things to come. Weddings, graduations and 2 family reunions! We hope to see some of you soon!