Monday, March 30, 2009

Cousin Get together!

On Saturday Dhar and Andraya came over to the Bighams house and a bunch of cousins all came to hang out together. It was so fun and everyone got to meet the new babies. Nicole and Ammon brought Beckham. And Mat and Rheana brought William. I had so much fun holding the babies! Sunday I got even more baby time. I went down to Andy and Lynn's to meet our new cousin Elizabeth! She is such a pretty girl! So I got my fill of babies this weekend. And I cant wait for more!

Friday, March 27, 2009

99 Paper Links on the Wall!

Hi everyone! I'm finally under 100 days till this baby gets here. I'll be 26 weeks tomorrow. I've been feeling pretty awful lately. I'm in such pain in my pelvis. I cry when i turn over or have to get up to pee at night. My Pleurisy has started acting up again. BTW this is what it is it feels like I'm having a heart attack. My heart burn is uncontrollable. So next doctors visit I will be telling him to give me something for that and my pain or at least something to help me sleep. We have got nothing ready for the baby yet. But we do know where we are getting a crib so that is a start. The family that adopted my kids is giving up my birth daughters crib. It looks really nice. I'm so excited.

Monday, March 23, 2009

20 years ago?

20 years ago today my sister Elise was born. I find it so crazy that I can remember that day so well. I was so excited to be a big sister again. Here are the pictures of the party we had for her yesterday. And a picture of when she was a baby.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Time for an update.

Hello everyone, March has been a busy month so far. Vaughn's cousin Elizabeth was born March 12th and then on the 13th his brother and his wife had our new newphew, William Mathew. We held our house warming party on the 14th and had a blast. Although I stayed up way too late and paid for it for the next couple days following. My pregnancy is going well. Little Layla Ann (pretty sure that's what we will name her) is growing fast. She kicks like crazy almost all day long. I think she will be a swimmer like her daddy and her uncles. I have 16weeks left which dosnt leave much time to get her nursery ready. We have the color picked out but we still have to put insulation in the room and get some furniture. I'm headed over to Baby's R Us today to see what I can find. I got an email yesterday from the adoptive family that have my 2 birth children. Kendrick is getting ready for his baptism in May and Taryn is starting preschool. They are growing up way too fast. I will include the pictures they sent along with the letter.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our New Nephew!

Vaughn's brother Mat and his wife Rheana had their baby yesterday March 13th at 6:53pm. His name is William Mathew Bigham 8lbs 11oz 20in. We got to go see him when he was only 2 hours old! I am so in love. This little man will be so spoiled. I'm glad they live so close!