Sunday, April 3, 2011

Is it spring yet?

Spring? Maybe? yes? ok never mind. That's how the last month has been for us here in Utah. The whole month of March was such a tease. We had temperatures into the 60s and then snow. It's April now and yesterday it was 70 degrees and when I woke up this morning I found 4 inches of snow on the ground and it's still snowing. UGH!

Well enough whining about the weather here is an update....

We have had a lot of visitors in the last month. At the end of February my friend Lisa come to visit. We had dinner with her and some other Wisconsinites at Culvers. Oh yeah did I mention Utah finally has a Culvers? It was just like old times. Lisa and I got to hang out for a day. We went and had pizza and window shopped. Lisa and I have been friends for 18 years now! Wow that makes me feel old. I love friendships like ours that even though we don't see or hear from eachother for awhile it's just like old times when we do. I love you Lisa!

Also at the end of February Vaughn's brother Mat. He was on leave from his training with the Marines. It was so great having him here. Layla had lots of fun with her uncle Mat!

March did not have a great start for me. I started having a cold that turned into what I think was bronchitis and ended in a flu. It last 3 solid weeks. I am feeling better now but still have some left over symptoms plaguing me. Layla also got sick and seems to still have a stuffy nose. Vaughn just started getting sick last week and is still sick. We are so ready for this to get out of our house.

Needless to say we did not do much in March because of our constant sickness. However, we did have a little fun. Layla and I tried out Kindermusick. It was interesting. I was really excited for it but it did not go well. I think it was just bad timing. There was a kid there that was too old for the class that would not stop picking on Layla and also she refused to warm up to anyone there. I still want to try and take her but not quite yet. The teacher offered to trade with me, cleaning for the cost of the class. So that was exciting.

I signed Layla up for a class called Toddler time. It has been so much fun for her and I. We go once a week. They do all kinds of activities and has helped Layla and I have a little fun mommy daughter time. I have been attending my own class. I call it my Hippy Class. They teach you all about alternative healing methods. Including Reiki and meditation. It's been very interesting and fun.

At then end of March we had more visitors. Vaughn's sister Maren, her husband Brandon and her 2 kids came up from Arizona. We were able to go to dinner with Maren and Brandon as well our cousin Kamilla and her husband Matt. Vaughn's mom watched all the kids but one. That means she had 4 kids under 4. and one of them being under 6months. Crazy! Matt and Kamilla still brought their baby with them. WE had so much fun having grown up time.

Well April has had an interesting start so far with Vaughn being sick and the crazy weather. For April Fools Day I made something fun. It looks like Kitty Litter but it's cake. It was very yummy but we had to close our eyes to eat it.

Last night Vaughn and I attended a play. We saw "The Tale Of Two Cities" at the Hale Center Theater. It was amazing. It was exciting when I recognized one of the actors. It was the guy who played Riggeletto. So cool!

Well that's all for now. Enjoy our pictures....

Our Mardi Gras Dinner

Our Nephew Eli

Kamilla's son Lincoln