Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanksgiving and the big 3-0!

What a whirlwind month November was! Most of the month for me was spent cleaning clients homes and planning my upcoming birthday party. I felt like a chicken with it's head cut off. Or maybe a turkey :)
For Thanksgiving we went with my in laws to Mesa Arizona to visit my sister in law Maren and meet our new nephew Elijah. We left the night before Thanksgiving. We drove the 12 hours straight. It was a rough drive but we made it safely. We got there in time to shower and change and then head to Thanksgiving dinner well lunch actually. We joined the Roger family (Vaughn's aunt,uncle and cousins) and enjoyed a very yummy turkey! I never had a juicier turkey. It was so wonderful to see the Arizona group and have some warm weather! We enjoyed a lot of eating and talking. We also went and checked out the Christmas lights around the Mesa temple. Layla thought it was pretty cool. Sunday was Elijah's blessing. Then it was time to head home. There was quite the snow storm going through Utah while we traveled home but we made it to West Valley at least. A few of us got stuck a mile from our house in my in laws van. That was no fun. The snow was so deep and no plows in sight till 2pm the next day. 2 hours after we got stuck we finally were home.

The following Thursday was my 30th birthday. YIKES! I seriously have to really convince myself that I'm actually 30. We had great news on the morning of my birthday. Vaughn received a raise! It will be a nice raise too. So we will be almost back to what we were making before the job switch with out having to work the overtime to get it. Vaughn is doing so well at his job and they said they would give him another review at the end of 6months which makes us even more excited!
As for the rest of my birthday day it was pretty rough. I was running errands all over town trying to get ready for my Mock Prom I planned to celebrate my 30th. What was miserable about it was Layla crying the whole time. She really has been having a rough time lately. I'm not sure exactly what is wrong but I am guessing it's her teeth. She has been getting them one after another. I didn't see much of my house till about dinner time. For dinner my dad took out all of us for dinner to Applebees.
Friday, the day after my birthday was crazy too but lots more fun. I started planning my Mock Prom when I turned 29. I figured if I had to turn 30 I would do it in style. I rented a venue, had a DJ, photographer and rented a beautiful dress. I had my hair and make up done as well. I felt like a princess. I had so much help decorating and getting everything together from my family. I felt so loved. Before the party I went to dinner at the Olive Garden with some friends and family. Then went to my Prom. The party lasted 4 hours and I didnt sit down once. I danced so much that when I got home my feet were swollen. Saturday was spent recovering and today we went to my in laws for a family party. It was such a great birthday weekend. I have been so happy. Its been a long time since I felt this way. I feel so blessed. Enjoy the pictures.