Thursday, September 2, 2010

Good Bye Summer

Good Bye Summer, Hello fall. I do love summer so I am sad to see it go. But my favorite season of all is Fall. The only bad thing about fall is that winter has to follow.
Our last month of Summer was a busy one. I have been working so many hours with my new house cleaning business. I even set up a website because I had such a great demand. I may even take on another person to help me. I still need to get licensed and insured though. Check out my website... I have also been very busy at my other job, teaching water aerobics. 3 instructors were on vacation so that kept me very busy.

Layla and I drove with my in laws to San Diego on August 18th. We were going down to see my brother in law Mat graduate from the Marines. Vaughn was not able to go because of work. Layla did quite well on the drive there because it was night time and she just slept. I however, did not sleep. I never sleep well. We got into San Diego and drove straight to the marine base. To make a long story short we had some problems getting on base so had a little time to freshen up in the van and we were finally were able to at least park right at the gates. We met up with Vaughn's sister Maren and her family and Rheana and her family. Layla had lots of fun hanging out with her cousins and her cousin's cousin. :)

We spent the day touring the facilities and learning about what the marines do. It was very hard on Layla and I because we were hot and both needed a nap but in the end we were able to see Uncle Mat. He looked great in his uniform. The local LDS church put on a BBQ for the LDS Marines and their families. It was very nice to get some food in our bellies. We spent a little more time checking out the base. Then finally we made it to our hotel. Needless to day I did not take many pictures that day because I was tired and grumpy and looked awful.

The next day in San Diego was the actual graduation. It wasnt too long so that was nice. We were very proud of Uncle Mat.
Once we got off base the fun began. We went down town San Diego. We walked around awhile and looked at all the cool statues that were built to pay tribute to the military.

Then we took a Harbor cruise. It was so much fun! We saw some cool ships and submarines. We also saw Sea Lions. It was my first time seeing them in the wild.

After the harbor cruise we headed over the Coronado Bridge to Coronado island. We had some dinner and then went to the beach. The sun was on it's way down so it was very chilly but some brave members of the family dove in anyways. It was my first time ever being in the Pacific Ocean. On that beach was the hotel Del Corando. It was very cool to see it since the hotel I used to work at in Disney World was designed to look just like it. So it was a bit of a trip to see that hotel.

Our last day in San Diego we drove by the temple. It was pretty cool looking temple. Then we stopped by our friends, the Cherrey's house. We had not seen them for a few years. It was so great to see them. Then we were off again on our trip home. Layla did well again but was awake more and required more entertaining. We were so happy to get home.

Mat was able to take a 10 day leave before he had to go on to more training. So Vaughn, I and Layla spent lots of our time over at Vaughn's parents house to see them. We even got to go out on a double date with Mat and Rheana while grandma babysat both kids. The last Saturday of August Vaughn went with his brother and some other brave family members and hiked mount Timpanogos again. If you remember last time he came home and his socks were covered in blood. Well this time his knees gave out on him and he could barley walk the rest of the week. I think that may be the last time he hikes it. We will see.