Thursday, June 17, 2010

Layla 11 months

Well its only a couple of weeks till Layla turns one so I thought Id put her 11month update on here before that happens. Layla loves climbing all over. She refuses to walk but she has no problem holding on to the couch and walking around. If she's on the couch she likes to climb up on the end table and get into everything. Every day I am constantly cleaning up little messes all around the house. She likes to open drawers and empty them. She is getting so fast at crawling she loves for us to chase her she squeals with delight. she loves to squeal and its so high pitched that I swear its going to shatter some glass sometime. Whenever shes excited you will here a loud squeal. She also likes to stand at the tv and push the buttons and often turns off my exercise video as I'm trying to exercise.

Our crazy summer has begun. This last summer we went to our friend Lisah's wedding reception and my cousin Andrea's wedding.