Monday, February 23, 2009

Babies, Babies and more Babies!

Friday we had a baby shower for my sister inlaw Rheana. I thought I'd post a cute picture that we took. It is a picture of all the girls that were pregnant at the shower. (From left to right) Danette (my sister in-laws sister)she is having hers as I write this,Lynn (Vaughn's Aunt) due March 7th, my sister in-law Rheana March 13th, Me July 4th, and Emma (Vaughn's Aunt) Sept 25th. There is a cousin that couldnt make it. She is going to be induced tomarrow. I cant wait for all the babies to get here!


Jules said...

Wow, all in one family! I didn't know Emma was pregnant! Tell her congrats! Cute picture!

Lindsay said...

You're not fat- you're prego, Jeanie. At that you are a cute prego, so there :P

Courtright Family said...

Look at all those bellies! Cute.