Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Trip to Wisconsin!

I had been aching to go to Wisconsin. Because I knew it was going to be a long time before I went again because of a new baby coming. I found a great price for a flight into Milwaukee! I left on April 30th. Lisa Lewis picked me up from the airport and brought me to Culver's for dinner! So YUMMY! It made me feel like I was officially in Wisconsin. We even got some fried cheese curds.
Friday my old friend from grade school Nicole Shultz picked me up and brought me to go get my hair done at my mom's salon. I really wanted my hair to look nice for my shower that night. Afterwords she took me to lunch and then for a shopping spree at Babies R Us. She spoiled me so much.
Friday night was my shower. We held it at the church building where i used to go. It was so great to see everyone. I got tons of clothes! I'm so glad I brought an extra suitcase!

Early Saturday morning we drove down to Iowa City, IA and went to see my sister and her family. Her daughter Ivy was born April 13th and she was being blessed at church on Sunday. They took us to a BBQ for mentally handicapped children that their church was putting on. I told my siblings they'd fit right in LOL (bad humor) Afterwords we headed back to their house for our own BBQ. Nicole's in-laws were there. It was so great seeing them. Our family knows them from way back. We went swimming at a hotel that Nicole's brother in-law and family were staying at. It was so fun to play in the water with my siblings!

Sunday was Ivy's blessing. My brother in-law Steve gave a wonderful blessing. He has always been so great with words. Ivy looked beautiful in her long white dress and headband that her Grandma Courtright made for her. My sister made her a little bracelet. Unfortunately all most all my pictures from that day are on my cell phone and I couldnt get them to upload right on to my computer. We had a really yummy Hawaiian Pork for dinner. After the BBQs and the Pork dinner I dont want to see another pig product for awhile! We headed back to Wisconsin that night.
Monday I did a whole lot of nothing. Just sat around the house till my siblings got home from school. We took my brother Andrew to the mall to get some shoes. Then when I got back my friend Melissa picked me up and we met our freind Korri for dinner at Pedros (always have to visit there!) Our waitress was Sunni Spencer, a girl that was in my church growing up. Crazy!

Tuesday my friend Bobby Jo Picked me up and brought me back to the airport. My flight back was awful. Lots of delays and horrible turbulence. I am so glad to be back.
I missed Vaughn so much. It felt so good to be back in his arms!

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Jules said...

We miss you already! It was great to have you home again! We love you!