Wednesday, June 17, 2009

3 weeks left

Well here we are at 3 weeks left. I wonder how I can even survive being pregnant that much longer? Went to the doctor on Monday and they said baby is still high but I am a finger tip dilated. So that's good. I am glad she is looking like she'll stay put this week. My in-laws are outta town till Sunday and we still have a bunch of stuff to get done before she gets here. One thing that is done is the walls in the nursery! They are painted! I also washed all her clothes and blankets! The rest of our house though is a disaster. The nursery was acting as a storage room so now all those boxes are in the living room and kitchen till Vaughn finishes that shed. So if anyone is up for helping we need it this weekend! Stay tuned for next weeks update!

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mom2cherreys said...

I am totally up for helping! Too bad I am all the way across the country for one more month! I still need to get your blanket in the mail too! AAAAAAAAA I'm such a slacker!