Monday, February 8, 2010

Layla is 7months and other happenings

Layla turned 7 months yesterday! She stayed the same size in weight and length but I swear she keeps looking taller! She is holding her bottle all by herself now. And the best part is starting to sleep till 7am. If she does wake up earlier she will play for awhile in her crib. It is so nice. She hasnt shown any interest in moving around at all. She still hates being on her belly and mostly just sits when she is on the floor. Not that I'm looking forward to her getting into things but it would be nice for her to be more mobile sometimes.

We had big news come to us in January. Vaughn was offered a new job. He will be able to work in the field he has always dreamnt of working in. This job come via his friend Olen who works for this same company. He will be an apprentice at a company that writes programs for companies to use on their computers. He's very excited. This is what he started going to school for and just hasnt been able to finish yet so this will help him. He starts a week from today and will be working from home. It is a huge blessing we never expect so we are all very excited. the only down side is he will be making less money for now. But we will survive!

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