Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Easter

Our Easter this year was full of events. Saturday we went over to Vaughn's parents house and watched all his little cousins search for eggs in the back yard. Then we started to have a wienie roast but it started raining. Some of the brave boys including Vaughn roasted them for us and brought them inside. It was so fun to see all the little ones enjoying their loot.
Sunday there were two baby blessings to go to but we ended up only being able to go to one because of my sleepless nights I've been having. Vaughn is affected by them too poor guy and the baby isnt even here yet. We went down to see Andy and Lynn's daughter Elizabeth be blessed. Unfortunately my batteries in my camera died so I didnt get any good pictures.
While we were there at church we ran into my friend Melynda's husband. Turns out they are in the ward that meets before Andy and Lynn's so crazy! So we stopped by their house so I could visit with Melynda who is due in September! Then we went to have lunch with the other pregnant girl in the Kelson family Emma, John and family. We enjoyed our Easter lunch at Village Inn. Watching little Johnathan making silly faces. Afterwards we went and met the rest of the Kelson clan back at the church and we got to hold little Elizabeth. It was so nice to see everyone. We went home pretty tired from all the events. Emma did take some pictures of me and Vaughn and my 28 week belly. Boy do I look like I'm done or what! Still have 12 more weeks to go though.


Sarah said...

Hi, Jeanie! You're a beautiful pregnant girl, but for your sanity and for the sake of Vaughn's sleep :) I hope your baby comes a week early! Cute blog, by the way! I still don't know if I'm going to be able to make it to the baby shower, but I'll try! Love ya, babe!

P.S. do you mind if I add your blog to mine?

mom2cherreys said...

You can do it! Sorry to hear you guys are having some sleepless night, I hope that gets better before the baby comes. We all know after the baby will be more of the same! You and Vaughn look happy and well, maybe we will get to see you this summer.