Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had a pretty good Halloween. We didnt carve our pumpkins till the night before but oh well. Here's our pumpkins. I didnt get a picture of Vaughn's.

My Pumpkin

Layla's Pumpkin

Layla was a flower. I was going to take her out to see some family and friends but she passed out before we could go. Our friend's Cori and Justin stopped by with their daughter Shaylee to say hi though.

We took Layla to her Grandma Bighams for the night and Vaughn and I went to our friend Jared's Halloween Party he has every year. I dressed up as a witch and Vaughn was a Black Eyed Pea.

Here are some more pictures from the party we went to.

Vaughn playing the base guitar

Our friend Jared on the drums and Jason on the guitar

for decorations they had boats sitting in their yard

They had 3 fire pits!

scary moon!


Kamilla & Matthew said...

Halloween is so fun! I love the pumpkins! We didn't carve ours till Halloween evening. Layla is so cute in her flower costume!

Sarah said...

Wow, Layla is pretty darn good carving pumpkins only being 4 months old! haha jk. Cute costume idea for Vaughn! You guys are all just so creative & fun loving :)