Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sick Thanksgiving :(

We had a bit of a rough Thanksgiving week. It all started Monday night when I threw up once before bed. I thought oh gosh I better not be pregnant. Then the next day my stomach felt awful. Tuesday night I started feeling worse and worse. That night Vaughn and I were both up all night running to the bathroom. A few times he was at the toilet so I had to run to the kitchen to throw up. Wednesday was awful trying to take care of a sick baby and being a sick mommy. Vaughn some how got himself to work so we could get holiday pay for Thanksgiving. When he got home the 3 of us were all just so tired.
Luckily Thanksgiving we all felt better. We went down to my Aunt Sheri's house. It was so great to see all the family. Even my dad's cousin Gaylene was there with her kids. We haven't seen her since we got married. Layla was quite the entertainer. She jib jabbed for a good 30mins and told everyone a story. We only got the last part on video when she started to fuss. But everyone was just laughing at her.
When we got back up to Salt Lake we went to Vaughn's Uncle John's house for their get together. We didnt stay long we were tired and couldn't handle the crazy kids that someone brought. That night I started the throwing up process all over again and Friday was so awful. Today I think we are finally all healthy. We are having a nice lazy day waiting for the Utah vs BYU game. We cant wait to see Utah kick their butts!

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Sarah said...

Oh, dratz, I'm so sorry your little family was so sick! I am glad you're feeling better now. Looks like a fun Thanksgiving!