Friday, April 9, 2010

Wisconsin Trip, Easter and Layla 9months

Well we've been pretty busy the last couple of weeks. On March 26th Layla and I hopped on a plane and flew to Wisconsin. The plane ride was awful. She was so tired and refused to sleep in my arms untill we were landing. Then she woke up as we got off the plane. We were both so happy to be off the plane. My mom picked us up. She was so excited to see Layla since she hadnt seen her since she was a week old. We had lots of fun during our stay. We got to see all the babies that were born the same year as Layla. We saw my friend Bobby Jo and her baby Brookelle, Megan and her baby Bradyn and my sister and her baby Ivy.

We also got to see many other friends as well! It was so fun to also spend time with my siblings. Most of them had never even met Layla before. On the last couple of days on our trip we went down to Iowa to see my sister Nicole and her family. It was so fun! And the weather was beautiful! It was hard to come home to snow. It was kinda weird to go from a warm Wisconsin to a cold Utah. Kinda backwards. Vaughn was so happy to have us back.

Sunday was Easter and the Easter bunny came for both Layla and Vaughn. Layla got a basket full of stuff and Vaughn got a new bongo drum. The Easter bunny forgot me this year.

Wednsday the 7th Layla turned 9months...WOW. She still does not crawl. She still just a roller. She likes to grab on to me and try to pull her self up but usually needs some help. I try to get her to stand on her own but she likes to stand on her tippy toes. She's eating lots of solids now. We go on Monday to the doctor so I will post her measurements later. She loves to point and say dad or that. Shes been so fun to watch and I swear gets prettier every day.


Ash said...

I really like your hair down (the first picture of you and Layla). It's really pretty.

mom2cherreys said...

Layla is beautiful! The Easter bunny, Santa, and all those other people usually forget about me too! One of the "benefits" of growing up I guess! LOL