Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fall Time

Even though I was sad to see summer leave I was very happy to say hello to fall. Fall is my favorite season. It never lasts very long though.

Vaughn's brother Mat graduated from schooling with the Marines and came home on leave for a few weeks. While he here his sister Maren and her family came up for a visit. It's always so fun to have the whole family together. Because we had the family together we got pictures taken. Hopefully we will have them on our Christmas card this year.

With the end of summer comes the Utah State Fair. We go every year and every year we regret paying so much to get in. They just don't know how to do fairs here in Utah. But I thought this was a cute picture.

October 4th was Vaughn's 29th birthday! The weekend of his birthday we went to our annual Pink Floyd concert. We had awesome seats this year. The show was amazing as always.

October was full of Halloween events. I took Layla to a event at the Senior center where the kids give candy to the older people instead of getting it from them. The next day my mom's group I belong to had a trunk or treat. Layla dressed up as a fairy again this year. On Halloween Daddy took her out trick or treating around the neighborhood while mommy stayed at home to pass out candy.

Mommy and daddy had fun for Halloween too. We went to a party at my friends house. I dressed up as a pirate and Vaughn was very original. He dressed up in all black and wore a shot glass around his neck. He was "A shot in the dark" Silly boy!

We had fun in October but we also experienced much sadness. 5 people I knew died. 2 of them hit me harder then the rest. First my very dear friend and neighbor, Dawn passed. It has been very hard to let her go. I miss our talks and waving to her every morning when I leave for work. Here is her obituary

Then second was 7days later. One of my favorite client's 17 year old daughter died tragically in a car accident. She was beautiful and sweet. I'm going to miss her coming home from school and chatting with me while I clean her mom's house. It's been very tough for my client and it hurts me to see her in so much pain. Here is her obituary

Even though it was such a sad month I know my friends are in a better place.

November has been a much happier month so far. One of my best friends from Wisconsin moved out to Utah and we got together with her sisters went to see a play. We went to see "My Fair Lady" What a blast!
November 7th was my inlaws 31st anniversary. Oddly enough they took all of us out to dinner instead of the other way around. It was so much fun.

Well things are staying busy. I finally hired someone to help me with my cleaning business. Vaughn's work continues to be busy as well.

We are all looking forward to the coming holidays and we hope you enjoy yours.

WHOOOHOOO I'm finally caught up!

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Joy said...

I love the picture of your daughter running in her fairy costume!
So happy for you that you're caught up on your blog too...I'm completely behind with mine!!