Sunday, November 6, 2011

The rest of Summer 2011

It's November, I'm looking out the window and there is 3 inches of snow on the ground. I am finally going to update how the rest of our summer went and it already seems like it was more then a year ago I last felt warm. Brrrr!

At the end of July we welcomed home Vaughn's brother Ephriam from his mission. He served his mission in Wisconsin so now I have someone in my inlaw family I can talk with about how great it is there. I still cannot believe he had been gone for 2 years. It all went so fast.

I have a friend, Jessica Lloyd who is a photographer and I traded her cleaning for pictures. I had noticed lately when uploading my own pictures I'm hardly in any of them. Especially the ones with Layla. So I had my friend do a session with Just Layla and I. They turned out great.

I still have my cleaning business and it is still doing very well. However, at the end of July I tried my hand at another business venture, bridal assistant. I came up with the idea after being asked to be a bridal assistant to a friend quite awhile ago. I love weddings and I love parties. So I started a business to be a paid bridal assistant. If you are not sure what that is I will explain. They are much like a wedding planner except they don't do any of the planning. They just take care of everything on the day of. They make sure the day runs smoothly and the bride is happy. I had my first client at the end of July. She is also a friend. She was married at the Salt Lake Temple and had a reception in Idaho. I could not be there for the actual ceremony since she was married in LDS Temple but I was there as she came out of the temple and during her pictures making sure her make up was good and keeping her hydrated. Then I drove up to the reception to make sure all her wishes for the set up were a done. Since it was such a long drive I decided to spend the night there. For the fun of it I got myself a room at a bed a breakfast, The Black Swan. I got their pirate room, it was awesome!

August brought on a lot of birthday parties for Layla to attend. She had so much fun! As family made sure we got as much outdoor fun as we could for the last month of summer. We went to the zoo and to the Peace gardens.

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