Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring Yay!

It's been a roller coaster spring this year for both me and the weather. Even though this pregnancy has been easier then when I was pregnant with Layla I still was very nauseous and threw up a lot! Not enough to lose weight this time though. Which is a good thing I guess. I am now feeling better but didn't start feeling better till I was about 16 weeks. I am 19 weeks now. The weather has been up and down as well. We've been having snow and 80 degree weather just about every other day. Easter was a during the warmer part so that was nice. We attended what felt like 50 Easter events. I was pretty Eastered out by the time it actually was here. One of my favorites was the annual Easter egg hunt we have with the Salt Lake City Mommies. An online group of mom from around the area.
We had an interesting Easter this year. We dyed eggs as usual. We had a very grumpy Layla that night. The Easter bunny came and brought Layla lots of fun stuff.
Instead of going to Vaughn's parents for dinner we met up with some of Vaughn's friends and his uncle John for a hike. It was John's birthday and he loves to hike. He told us this was a very family friendly hike. Well not so much! This hike was up in the mountains and there was still a good foot of snow on the trail. We were not dressed for it at all. It was also very icy in some spots. It was actually probably a hike I should not have gone on 4 months pregnant but I did. And I made it. Vaughn had to carry Layla most the way since many times she would fall through the snow. Needless to say when we got back we were all very tired and very sore. I was sore for many days after. But we did get to see a pretty waterfall.
We already had our first camping trip for the season. Well it was wuss camping. We stayed in a trailer. But for a pregnant woman that is ideal. Our neighbor own land up near Duchesne and invited us to come up for a couple nights. His mom was so nice to let us use her really nice trailer so I could be comfortable. It was nice to get away from the icky city air and relax. Unfournatly there were a lot of tiny cactus and Layla who loves to dig and play in the dirt came home with a lot of tiny cactus spines in her legs.
Layla is growing up so fast. We are having lots of fun with her lately. Now that she is talking more she is saying some of the funniest things. I thought I'd share some of them with you...... Explaining to Layla how Mommy and Layla are girls and Daddy is boy. So she says to daddy "Come on boy! Lets go!" L: Is the baby in there too mama? (pointing to my boobs) M: Nope there is milk in there. L: Milk in there? M: Yep, when the baby comes out of my belly that is where the baby will get it's food. L: Food? Like noodles? Had my big belly hanging out because it feels good when I'm pregnant to have a naked belly. Layla was pointing at my belly and daddy asks her "What is that Layla?" Layla answers "It's happy!" Confused I looked down sure enough the crease in my fat belly made it look like my belly was smiling. And too end this blog post I thought I'd share the latest belly pic I took at 17 weeks. We will be finding out the sex (hopefully) on the 14th! So excited!

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I'm gonna say it's a boy!!