Friday, March 27, 2009

99 Paper Links on the Wall!

Hi everyone! I'm finally under 100 days till this baby gets here. I'll be 26 weeks tomorrow. I've been feeling pretty awful lately. I'm in such pain in my pelvis. I cry when i turn over or have to get up to pee at night. My Pleurisy has started acting up again. BTW this is what it is it feels like I'm having a heart attack. My heart burn is uncontrollable. So next doctors visit I will be telling him to give me something for that and my pain or at least something to help me sleep. We have got nothing ready for the baby yet. But we do know where we are getting a crib so that is a start. The family that adopted my kids is giving up my birth daughters crib. It looks really nice. I'm so excited.


K Green said...

Heartburn luckily was the worst part of either one of my pregnancies and my dr gave me Zantac 75, he just gave me a bunch of samples that lasted but you can get it over the counter I beleive anyhow it worked pretty great for me

Maren said...

I'm sorry- Hopefully these days will go by quickly. Let me know if we can do anything, it's hard being so far away.

Kamilla & Matthew said...

Oh the joys of pregnancy... I hated it!
lincoln used to stick his foot in between my ribs, it wasnt untill the end when he dropped that they stopped hurting. I always said that pregnancy wouldn't be so bad if we were allowed to take some sweet drugs! but, your more than 1/2 way so just hang in there!