Thursday, March 19, 2009

Time for an update.

Hello everyone, March has been a busy month so far. Vaughn's cousin Elizabeth was born March 12th and then on the 13th his brother and his wife had our new newphew, William Mathew. We held our house warming party on the 14th and had a blast. Although I stayed up way too late and paid for it for the next couple days following. My pregnancy is going well. Little Layla Ann (pretty sure that's what we will name her) is growing fast. She kicks like crazy almost all day long. I think she will be a swimmer like her daddy and her uncles. I have 16weeks left which dosnt leave much time to get her nursery ready. We have the color picked out but we still have to put insulation in the room and get some furniture. I'm headed over to Baby's R Us today to see what I can find. I got an email yesterday from the adoptive family that have my 2 birth children. Kendrick is getting ready for his baptism in May and Taryn is starting preschool. They are growing up way too fast. I will include the pictures they sent along with the letter.


Jules said...

Taryn and Kendrick are as adorable as ever! They both look like Peppins! Taryn looks very serious about dress-up!
I wish I could have been there for you house warming. You should send me your wish list since I haven't gotten you a house warming gift yet!

Ash said...

That's fun! I'm excited for you to have your little girl!

By the way, Burlington coat factory usually has almost all the same stuff as Baby's R us, but for a little cheaper.

Love you!