Monday, March 30, 2009

Cousin Get together!

On Saturday Dhar and Andraya came over to the Bighams house and a bunch of cousins all came to hang out together. It was so fun and everyone got to meet the new babies. Nicole and Ammon brought Beckham. And Mat and Rheana brought William. I had so much fun holding the babies! Sunday I got even more baby time. I went down to Andy and Lynn's to meet our new cousin Elizabeth! She is such a pretty girl! So I got my fill of babies this weekend. And I cant wait for more!


Kamilla & Matthew said...

I wish I was there!! We are coming up easter weekend though so the family had better plan on getting together again!

Nicole said...

That was really fun! Hope to see you again soon!

mom2cherreys said...

Hey, I found your blog through Kamilla's blog! Glad you got to see the new babies and I bet it makes you even more anxious for your own! I think it's nice that there are so many cousins and babies that will be close together, my kids don't really have that!