Monday, October 19, 2009

I love October!

Did you know this is my very favorite month? I love the crisp air, the colors, fall foods, the smell, and Halloween! We've had a fun month so far I thought I'd share some pictures. Layla went to get her first pumpkin at Wheeler farm. She had so much fun. She loves being outside. She is so chill when she is outside. And if you know Layla you know being chill is not one of her strong points.

This last weekend I had a Witch's potluck. Every year Gardner Village hosts a Witch's night out. 100s of women dress up like witches and go there for some fun. So I had a pot luck at my house before we headed over. It was way too crowded to have too much fun but we did have a good time over all. I didnt get a picture of all the girls that went with us. poo.

Here are some more random pictures from this month.

Layla and her cousin William


Sarah said...

I love Layla's cute little pudgy cheeks :) So adorable! It looks a lot warmer out there than it is here! Brrrrrrr..... You crazy witch, Jeanie :) Buckcherry playing in my head a bit, hahahaha.... Just wanted to tell you Jeanie that you're doing a great job on your weight loss goals and all the hard work that you're putting into it will pay out ten fold! Love ya!

Ash said...

It's my favorite month too! Fancy that my anniversary is in this month. Next week actually! Layla is so cute! I remember getting Kollette's first pumpkin! How fun how fun! I wish I wasn't so busy and could have come with you guys to the witches party.

Linds said...

Looks like lots of fun! Love the photo of all you witches,and Layla is so cute!