Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Layla is 3 months old!

My little stinker is 3 months today! I weighed her on my scale and it said 14 lbs. So not really little. For her new "tricks" she can laugh and giggle, bring her hands to her mouth and hold her head up while on her belly for a good 3-4 mins. She starting to try to grab things. She tries so hard but her hands dont always go where she wants them to go. Her laugh is so great. She still loves to be held and played with. She tells you how it is anytime you put her down or look away. One thing we have noticed over the 3 months she can sleep through noise but she will not eat through noise. She gets so mad when it's noisy when she eats or when you try to talk, or even look at her while she eats. Her favorite game is to hang upside down. She usually brings her hands to her mouth and talks. The longest she has slept in a row has been 8 hours but that was only once. She has been mostly sleeping 6hours, eat, 3 hours eat maybe if i'm lucky sleep 1 more hour and she's up. YAWN!
Vaughn and I are really starting to get the hang of this baby thing. Its been tough and tiring but great. We love watching her reach her different milestones. I am ready for her to start entertain her self but not ready for her to start moving around. It has been so nice to be able to set her down somewhere and go do something until I cant stand her screaming.

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